• Optimize performance
    The Producer doesn’t need to wait for the Consumer to finish their jobs thus optimizing the performance
  • Reliability
    The level of persistence in messaging queue helps to minimalize the data loss when part of the system goes down
  • Scalability
    Scaling the producer and consumer separately to meets your needs

1. Introduction to NSQ

Every downtime your system had,
Every mistakes that user experienced,
Every risk of data loss that goes unresolved,
Is a fatal blow for the trust of the customers.

Every day in any software development lifecycle, there is always a chance of incident happen. Whether it is your system suddenly having a memory leak causing a downtime, or connection to the database suddenly got lost making all the process got error, or maybe is it just a bad code deployment.

Don’t create another problems that don’t event exist in the first place.

Timothy Agustian

Proud Indonesian and Tokopedia Software Engineer

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